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Truck Drivers How to Properly Use Heater

2016-12-16 09:16:07
Many riders have a habit of entering the car in winter can not wait to open the heater, and the temperature and air volume transferred to the maximum, so that in the shortest possible time so that the car warm up.
In fact, this will play the opposite effect, heater is generally brought by the engine heat, just started, the engine is not so fast all kinds of cooling fluid, "muggy." Air conditioning on the car to start to open the heater, not only will not quickly raise the car temperature, but increased the burden on the engine and motor.
When to start the most appropriate
Eager to eat hot tofu, the normal way is to start the engine, such as the thermometer pointer to the middle position, and then open the heater.
How the temperature inside the car quickly rose
Open the heating, the air circulation should be set to the outer loop, so that the car can be discharged from the cold air outside the car, about 2-3 minutes later, then the air circulation is set to internal circulation. In addition, the window a little time to open a small gap, due to the entry of hot air to speed up the exclusion of cold air, the effect of warming faster.
How to prevent the heater to doze off
First of all, the heater should not blow on the face; Secondly, the temperature should not be too high, both of which are likely to cause drowsiness. In addition, the need for appropriate ventilation. Inside the car for a long time to open the air-conditioning heater, the car itself is in a closed space, the air inside the car will become cloudy, carbon dioxide content increases, this will make people sleepy. Therefore, every half an hour, the owner of the best window to open a slit, so that the air convection inside the car, the dirty air inside the car to get rid of, this will be effective mitigation.
Be careful of the warm air affecting the skin
Warm air easily lead to the car dry, long dry wind, will speed up the aging of the skin, once again stressed that the outlet should not be directly targeted at the face blowing. To prevent the car is too dry, the car can put a wet towel, shop in the dashboard. In addition, the car can put a bottle of mineral water, may be appropriate to moisten the lips, but also in the appropriate wet and humid face.
Do not smoke in warm air
Warm bacteria, especially in the car to open the heater when the smoke will cause a lot of smoke in the amine and nicotine attached to the surface of the evaporator, difficult to remove, in case of rainy weather or air conditioning for a long time, the evaporator surface will produce Mold, emitting an unpleasant odor, serious pollution of the air inside the car.
Heating can also be defogging
In addition to warm air, but also defogging, the owner has experience, the car repeated fog response method, first press the window defogging button, with a cold wind to the windshield, so as to eliminate the fog on the windows . Second, put down the windows, so that air circulation, so that the temperature inside and outside the car to achieve uniform, automatic elimination of window fog.
If the use of warm air defogging, the principle is to use the heat of the heat, the glass on the fog evaporated, this method works slowly, usually 1-2 minutes. And if the warm air stopped, it will gather in a short time more fog.