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Dongfeng Truck crane engine water temperature is too high solution

2016-12-12 10:03:08
Dongfeng truck crane engine water temperature is too high Solution:
First, due to the addition of antifreeze and replacement of non-standard, will cause the crane engine waterways and tanks blocked in advance, the phenomenon of high water temperature. Antifreeze replacement for two years, the replacement and addition must be used when the original accessories. Please note: the engine cooling system to add water, or by adding the antifreeze concentration of more than 60%, will cause the phenomenon of high water temperature.
Air conditioning refrigerant or air conditioning refrigeration oil filling too much; internal self-debugging air conditioning compressor self-adjusting function failure, resulting in high pressure is too high; there are air-conditioning Condenser failure, the above failure will increase the load on the engine, the cooling performance of the cooling system, guide the water temperature is too high failure phenomenon; reminded crane owners are: air conditioning refrigerant filling too little or too much, will reduce Cooling effect.
Lorry hanging in the hot car, check the water tank of the temperature difference between the upper and lower pipes can not be too large, or need to check the thermostat opening and whether the speed of the pump lost rotation failure; lorry crane, check the antifreeze storage tank Backwater pipe back to the top of the situation, if the poor backwater or blockage will cause the water temperature is too high, so too many failures. Please lorry crane friends to pay attention to the main, do not blindly repair parts and spare parts.