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Vehicles in winter warm note

2016-09-30 15:14:19
Although recently the weather is warmer, but the cold air will still south attack, the owner, an old question resurfaced: winter heating, there is no need to? What is hot tips, the owner like "in situ neutral gas" hot way is correct?
In situ gas is mistake
According to the authoritative statistical data, the parts of the engine parts wear, there are more than ninety percent of the proportion is the leading cause of cold cranking within three minutes after, so if your car more than 10 hours did not start, then the second day early in the morning, even if again busy things, also want to take 1 to 3 minutes, let the car "warm up".
"In situ neutral gas" is in fact a mistake. First, when the engine idling gasoline may also be due to incomplete combustion resulting from the case of carbon deposition, but also hurt the engine, followed by "in situ neutral gas" will make a big noise, annoying.
When the correct way, should be launched in 30 seconds to a minute after the road. But this time should be maintained at a low speed, engine speed to not more than 3000 to 3500 rpm limit, to maintain the 2000 general. When the engine temperature rose to normal operating temperature, and then restore the "habit" can be the driving method.
Winter heating time is slightly long
Summer, winter need heat, preheating time in winter than summer long. The engine after a night of standing, the friction surface of the lubricating oil has disappeared, lost oil film protection; increase the low temperature prompting oil viscosity, adhesion and mobility variation, increases the engine startup resistance.
In particular, the winter temperature is low, the metal will show less flexibility and abrasion resistance, only in the normal working temperature, the engine can achieve clearance is normal, keep the best working state.