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XCMG truck crane structure and composition of Dongfeng truck crane working principle introduced

2016-10-07 14:47:54
Lorry crane is an emerging industry in the 21st century, more and more people buy truck crane, use it to reduce the labor load and labor costs, thus greatly saving expenses. And the current truck crane has been large-scale projects, transportation and other marketing. The construction of key national projects in the areas of transportation, transportation, hydropower and energy, especially the construction of railway trunk lines, highway network, South-to-North Water Diversion Project, hydropower project and west-east gas transmission project will bring business opportunities to the crane. A car dual-use, a multi-purpose vehicle is the most important feature of the crane. Lorry crane structure: Lorry crane is by the boom, column, rack, legs and hydraulic components. The boom is the main device that lifts the cargo when lifting. Column is connected to the boom and an important part of the rack, the goods revolve around the main rely on the column. Rack is mainly connected and fixed columns and legs of the components. The main role of the outrigger is to maintain the balance of the crane during crane operation. Hydraulic system is composed of fuel tank, oil pump, cylinder, multi-way valve, hydraulic lock, balance valve, motor, rotary center joint and piping. There are also winch, slewing mechanism and so on. Lorry crane works: Lorry crane is the principle of hydraulic transmission to achieve a variety of mechanical action. We often use the power of the car, driven by the power take-off hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve connected to work. If there is no vehicle power in the case, we are through the oil pump motor group to provide power source. Pump motor group is in the wild, terminals, ships, workshops and other conditions without the power of the car, driven by 380V voltage motor work. If it is field operations, but also need to generate electricity generators, driven by the motor pump work.