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XCMG launched the largest tonnage straight arm type crane

2016-02-18 10:38:31
    Recently, the straight arm of the largest tonnage truck crane SQS625A in Xuzhou with the car came out. The maximum weight of this product is 25t, the maximum working range of 30m.

     The main crane arm structure for basic arm gado section telescopic boom, the crane arm with U-shaped cross section, the telescopic form the three cylinder sequential telescopic + two sets of cable technology, the application of this technology, a substantial increase in long arm crane capacity, reduce the frequency of cable movement, reduce maintenance and after-sales service, to improve the reliability of products. Using the advanced double - horn system, the crane is more stable and safe at work. Application of double stage large span box shaped legs to improve operation stability greatly, leg span reached 8.6m. The application of double row ball bearing can effectively reduce the size and installation requirements of the whole machine, and improve the adaptability of the whole machine. Application of jib, vice winch, an auxiliary hook, crane light load fast large amplitude and high operation provides basic, expanding the field of products. Negative angle application, improve the transportation performance, wide operating range, to meet the -11 degree ~75 degree of wide-angle operation, while the vice arm, the auxiliary hook bracket and the magnification of the convenient replacement operation.