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"One in one back" to the special car business time is not much

2016-02-18 10:52:42
       2015 for the entire special automotive industry is definitely not a calm year. This year is the last year of the "Twelfth Five", is also "Thirteen five" development plan of the plan year.
       During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the special automobile industry in organization structure, market structure, new products, new technologies, new materials, new technology, enterprises operating mode, product system solve scheme changes appear larger. Product structure began to high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the direction of the development, products from the general category of staple products gradually transferred to high-end and this change will always run through 45; special purpose vehicle further varieties rich, and to upload components basically formed a complete industrial chain; special purpose vehicle standards and regulations system is basically established; CIMC vehicle group, vanda heavy section, China aviation industry a number of large enterprises begun to take scale; Suizhou, Shiyan, Liangshan a group of special automobile industry gathering area basically formed.
        Throughout the 12th Five year plan we are not difficult to see, in addition to the four trillion investment in 2010 affected by the highest production capacity, the annual production and sales are not a small decline in the previous year. At present, China's economic growth continued to decline, domestic economic development entered the new normal, special vehicle market and the present situation in the doldrums, a sharp decline in sales, the industry facing unprecedented challenges, the challenge will probably continue to the "45".
         For the downturn in the special vehicle industry, the bigger challenge may be coming. On July 12, Ministry released the list of the second batch of car prices discouraging, 92 cannot maintain normal production and operation of the automobile, motorcycle production enterprises to be publicized, the special purpose vehicle become the hardest hit, two thirds of a total of more than.
         Ministry minister Miao Wei said that the establishment of exit mechanism of the automotive industry, is to break the automobile production enterprise qualification system of life tenure, establish a into a dynamic management mechanism of survival of the fittest, urging backward enterprises to increase the technological transformation and the transformation and upgrading of, at the same time, can also through mergers and acquisitions to continuously improve the production of automobile enterprises concentration.
         At present China has 1056 special vehicle enterprises, product homogeneity, low industrial concentration. Vicious competition in the industry to emerge in endlessly, illegal modification, reselling certificate triggered a series of social hot events is to let the whole industry into disrepute. If in accordance with the requirements of government documents, the next step in the integration of the industry will be an inevitable trend of development, the industry reshuffle is inevitable.
          It is still innovative? This is where managers have to face the problem.
          It was revealed, with the decentralization of government agencies will make long plagued corporate Kowloon flood situation is eased, then government management in the domain of special purpose vehicle will more scientific and rigorous. At the same time, the orderly liberalization of the access threshold, more and more domestic and international capital will rush into the field of special vehicles.
          This one into a retreat, leaving the special car business time is really not much.