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truck with crane Excessive maintenance will cause damage to the vehicle

2016-12-30 09:42:23
ruck hanging in the actual driving process, there are many novice to car regular maintenance, can be said to have reached a level of over-maintenance, this over-maintenance is not only useless but harmful.
First of all maintenance is too diligent, then it will cause excessive waste, the experts remind the vehicle maintenance cycle is a certain time interval and course, although regular maintenance is not a bad thing, but if too frequent, then there is no such necessary, in fact, the most important Is the maintenance of science, usually under the Japanese Department of vehicle oil replacement cycle in 5000 km, while the German Department of vehicle oil replacement cycle can be about ten thousand kilometers.

The second wrong view is the pursuit of fuel in the use of high-grade, high-grade fuel that the vehicle must be good, and in fact high-grade fuel is not beneficial for each car, the key is to see the vehicle in the possession of prospective Of the engine compression ratio of the above, under normal circumstances the engine compression ratio in the 10.51 should use 93 of gasoline, and the engine compression ratio of more than 10.5 should use the 97 gasoline.

The third wrong view is to chase imported tires, experts advise, domestic and foreign road conditions is a very big difference, the import of tires may have a good performance in foreign countries, but not necessarily in the domestic road driving.

The fourth wrong view is the oil plus the more the better, if the oil will increase the internal engine power loss, and also produce a vehicle oil burning situation, it should be noted that when adding oil do not exceed the oil Scale scale or a little bit below the oil scale scale can be.