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What is the difference between straight arm aerial work vehicle and folding arm aerial work vehicl

2016-12-26 16:39:22
The arm of the arm-type aerial vehicle is similar to the boom of a crane, extending one section at a time. In general, the straight-arm aerial work platform with the fastest lifting speed and speed, so more efficient. In addition, the four-wheel steering and drive capability and foam-filled rough ground tires of straight arm-type aerial vehicles can basically work on any ground. However, when working with a straight arm type aerial work vehicle, the working radius is relatively large, there is a certain requirement on the size of the field, and there is a working surface that can not be reached.
   Folding arm type aerial work vehicle uses the folding arm, similar to the concrete pump truck transmission arm. In operation, each section of the arm can be deployed separately to form a different shape. Fold-arm type aerial work slightly more complicated than the straight arm type, because each section of the arm alone action, thanks to high-altitude truck manufacturers a good design, speed and smoothness of the action is still very high. The use of folding arm structure, the biggest advantage is that obstacles can cross the air to reach the surface, and the site occupies a smaller area. And low operating height of the folding arm-type aerial vehicles are battery-driven form, can work within the plant, will not impact on the environment.