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Shaanqi Heavy truck : Struggling market sounded the assembly

Net 2016-01-05 14:14:02
    Facing the heavy heavy market snatching task, how to build Zhongzhi strive for new victories. At the beginning of this year, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck sales company to act quickly and organizations at all levels of cadres and employees seriously study the company leadership speech, the courage to play, the courage to challenge the spirit, in the market set off a stream of marketing storm, 2016 a good start in the first quarter, laying a solid foundation for the realization of.
Quick response to tackle tough
       2016 shanqizhongka commerce will just ended, sales organization, director of the office of the study and the spirit of the speech of Hong Ming Yuan, chairman of the board of directors, Wang Yanhong general manager, the reflection of 2015, clear 2016 marketing strategy, the bidirectional communication, unified understanding, firm confidence. At the same time, 2016 the channels will be mobilized in offices have opened, snatching market passion for fighting like Liaoyuanzhishi, rapid in the country spread. Shaanxi Auto heavy truck sales company leaders at all levels went to the line to cheer for the channel, common ideas around the target area and quantity model to catch the terminal.
         Recently, 720 degrees customer experience marketing everywhere, around the office around Delong X3000 gold version of the big horsepower tractor special promotion, the national total of 168 field; year-end thank and Chinese New Year New Year's activities with a total of 246 field; a total of 86 tour and product tasting and orders continued to grow. Delong X3000 gold version of the big horsepower tractor since December 9, 2015 listed, a month time orders exceeded 1300, creating a new industry 13L high-powered listed miracle.
         The company is also actively selling customers please come in, let the customer understand the manufacturing process and product Shaanqi culture. Recently, there are Anhui Fuyang large horsepower traction car customers, Zhejiang muck car customers, in Nanchang area of dangerous goods customers nearly 120 people to factory visits and exchanges. Sales of the company by "going out" and "please come in, go all out to ensure the realization of a quarter of a good start.
Practicing internal strength do fine market
          In order to seize the market opportunities, after the new year's day, sales organization forms 5 video training, including the front office staff, the staff, learning together in 2016 the company main leadership speech spirit and the marketing policy, the product knowledge, the functions of each department introduced such as, let all staff to seriously understand and grasp the policy and its implementation in the specific work, by practicing internal strength enhance combat effectiveness and achieve sales of a new leap.
           Aimed at fractionize market, sales company set up a truck, port tractor, the dangerous goods tractor project group, cold chain logistics, road transport truck project team, the channels of the mobilization market research, visits to customers, understand the market changes and customer needs, and channels established and efficient communication mechanism, adequate preparation for the 2016 subdivision market volume.
To "e" service as a platform to upgrade the concept of intimate service
           Around Hong Ming Yuan, chairman of the board of directors in 2016, the business continued to promote the customer oriented intelligent service system construction, for first-line market to provide a solid backing and fast service "spirit of the speech, sales of the company to" e "service as a platform, comprehensive upgrade intimate service concept, to lay a solid foundation of service. Through in-depth study of market segmentation, product service demand, service support, positive change parts security model, and comprehensively promote the implementation of landing service experience, convenient and fast service response and sales service integration, improve service satisfaction, innovative customer experience, to introduce +360 DEG service check "360 degree product of the depth of integration, upgrade" 720 degrees of customer experience "brand, and combined with the optimization of products and enhance the value of the integration of new media and traditional media, the spread of Shaanxi heavy duty truck service" fast ", 2016 formally to the new Car Buying customer application shanqizhongka e accompanying APP intelligent customer experience business, for customers to solve the problem quickly, played a very good to reduce the production cost, highly praised by users.