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Chinese heavy truck chassis of T5G/T7H multifunctional sewage suction truck development

2016-02-18 11:32:25
     Recently, combined sewage suction truck in domestic a Refitting Factory successfully developed by the China National Heavy duty truck platform Mann T5G, T7H chassis modifications of two new multi function, and completed the declaration of the Ministry of new product announcements, have the ability to sell.

    The two models were used to man T5G-4 platform x 2-310 horsepower and T7H-6 * 4-400 horsepower chassis modification is high dredge, high pressure washing, vacuum suction and separation of sludge, sewage discharge function for one of the intelligent of joint operation of vehicles. Mainly used to all kinds of urban underground sewage pipes, water wells and manhole sewage and sludge suction, transport, uninstall, and for large factories and mines ceiling sewage cleaning and artificial can not reach the place clean processing, industrial waste oil and waste water suction, transportation and small river desilting and dredging, and as a fast and efficient urban waterlogging rescue equipment.
      Modification of the enterprise responsible person said that the models are enterprises to introduce the most advanced foreign technology focused on creating the latest models and high performance requirements of the chassis, in the study of the China National Heavy Duty Truck with German Mann co products, after both sides repeated consultations and ultimately determine the configuration of the chassis. At present, the vehicle has been successfully developed and after a rigorous limit conditions of continuous operation test, the chassis completely meet the requirements of the performance.