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Volvo CEO Visits Dongfeng : to establish JV for building beautiful Dongfeng truck

2017-03-22 14:27:23
On March 17, 2017, delegates from Vovlo led by Mr. Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo and Mr Jan Gurander, Vice CEO and CFO pay visits to Headquarters in Hubei Province, Dongfeng in Shiyan city. 


Volvo celebrated the arrival of their delegation by Mr. Zhang Weiguo, Secretary of Shiyan Municipal City, Mr. Chen Xinwu, Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Shiyan Municipal City, Mr. Li Shaozhu, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of Dongfeng and Mr. Yang Qing, Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Group co., Ltd (DFG) and General Manager of Dongfeng trucks.

Mr. Lundstedt extends her thanks for the concern and support from the municipal government and party Committee of Shiyan City for their cooperation and the development of Dongfeng and Volvo. He said that Volvo makes a long-term commitment to the renovation of the equipment, using electrical energy, biofuels and Wind, green and initiatively realize zero carbon emission in the global manufacturing market. Next, Volvo will increase input in areas such as technology, R & D new products, exploit market and operational management, so that brand JV to "beautiful Pearl" in the industry overall. Both parties should work together, such as fostering a baby of their own, making the JV bigger and strong.

Before the appointment, Mr. Lundstedt and his delegation, accompanied by Yang Qing, pay a visit to the new plant rail system power motorcycles and heavy trucks, Dongfeng truck and then exchanging opinion with management of Dongfeng trucks, comprising both Chinese and foreigners.