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Crane boom expansion and contraction mechanism solution

2017-03-27 14:11:32
Crane boom expansion and contraction mechanism solution:
When there is telescopic arm stretch rack retraction jitter and issued abnormal sound, you should first check the work on the oil pressure, do not increase the throttle handle telescopic handle, observe the oil pressure gauge, if the oil pressure, indicating telescopic cylinder balance valve damping Hole blockage, to be removed to remove and eliminate the damping hole within the plug; if the oil does not rise, but in the increase when the throttle oil can meet the requirements of the work, you can determine the hydraulic pump out of the fault.
If the above check is no problem, should do a single check, if the telescopic arm telescopic jitter and sound, first of all, should be retractable arm and the basic arm between the friction surface lubrication and slider wear. If necessary, apply butter or replace the new slider and adjust the gap between the slider and the telescopic arm. Second, check the telescopic cylinder on the roller pulley is good, if no problem, and then check the telescopic cylinder telescopic when there is no sound, climbing shelf or vibration. Again, if the telescopic cylinder is normal, and then check the telescopic cylinder on the balance valve, if the valve spring fatigue deformation, will make the telescopic arm jitter and sound, then replace the spring can be. If the above three check all the normal, and finally check the rope telescopic system, remove the arm and the extension of the cable, alone by telescopic cylinder drive telescopic arm, if the telescopic arm telescopic free and no jitter or sound, when the arm and If the boom is jittered or sounded, the cause may be out of the rope telescopic system. Always check the length of the boom rope or the boom rope, tighten it, and adjust the nuts of the fixed arm or the arm to balance it. Check the lubrication of the arm pulley or the pulley and the pulley Wear the grease, or timely wear the wear of the bushing; finally check the arm pulley shaft has been rotated, if the rotation, you must add positioning baffle to limit its movement.
If the boom can not retract, should first check the amount of oil within the tank, when all the institutions into the working state, while stretching the cylinder fully extended, if the amount of oil will affect the hydraulic pump work, so that the arm can not retract, then You can retract the zoom box can be.
The balance valve is faulty or the oil in the tubing is also the main shelf of the arm can not retract the main reason, if the oil pipe due to leakage and intake, can first remove the leak, and then repeatedly pull the joystick, so that the gas back to the oil return to the tank ; If the balance valve is faulty, it is necessary to slowly unscrew the hollow bolts from the balance valve to the lower chamber inlet port so that the hydraulic fluid from the lower chamber of the telescopic cylinder slowly flows out of the joint gap, and the telescopic arm is automatically Retract, and then check the balance valve to control the port hole is blocked.