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DongFeng KINLAND big promotion

2017-03-28 10:01:31
Dongfeng tianlong once listed is in focus, the new model with large displacement and high-horsepower engines, quickly became the tractor market a new star.

There is no daytime running lights

Appearance on look, the car's flagship as before, there is no change, bridge still USES the "local tyrants gold" of coating, which is at present the common color of dongfeng flagship. Mask before the middle at the same time, the visor, guide plate with black coating, black and gold "local tyrants" match the whole bridge more vitality.

Denon flagship front and rear axles are equipped with a maintenance-free wheel, the maintenance cycle can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of kilometers, greatly reducing the user's car costs, while saving the user's time, allowing users to have more time Make money. At the same time before and after the bridge with ordinary steel plate suspension, but also further reduce the user's car costs and post-use costs.

● 13L displacement 480 hp ISZ engine 14 block Volvo technology gearbox

In terms of power, carrying is still sinking 13L class ISZ engine, displacement of 12.972L, is currently 13L-class engine in the recent 13L machine. After the engineer's tuning, this engine power of 480 horsepower, the maximum torque of 2330 Nm, this data for the 13L engine, is more conservative. But the best advantage of this tuning is to extend the life of the engine, the equivalent of an adult dry a child's job, it is easy.

From the vehicle configuration point of view, this car is still very worth buying, before and after the bridge with maintenance-free wheel, 13L engine, Volvo technology gearbox, these are real configuration. The vehicle uses drum brakes, standard ABS, etc. is also in line with the current car habits, the most important is the price of 38.2 million (day dealer quotes), for the user or will be a new choice.