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“Simplified” Dongfeng KX Completes Trail Assembly and Rolls Off Line

2017-03-29 11:28:58
On March 12, 2017, new members of Dongfeng KX family are created: 2 golden “simplified” Tianlong successfully got offline after trail assembly was finished in the eighth assembly line of Dongfeng assembly workshop. 


It is the first time that Dongfeng assembly workshop makes trial assembly of large horsepower Tianlong Flagship truck. As a new member of Tianlong Flagship family, the upgraded “simplified” Dongfeng KX is improved on the basis of current Dongfeng KX which has already gone into  mass production, and thus can fully met the market demands and customers’ requirement by largely decreasing the overall weight and increasing dramatically the power and price ratio.

The “simplified” Tianlong Flagship heavy truck upgrades the horsepower from 480hp to 520hp, expanding the power range.

Currently, the trial assembly is basically complete, laying a sound foundation for the complete mass production.