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Dongfeng dump truck maintenance knowledge

2016-12-10 09:37:37
First, the maintenance of Dongfeng dump truck basic tips:
1, often wipe, when driving attention to points, do not bumps, and adhere to the car cleaning and cleaning. The best is to put some air cleaner or something.
2, snow day Do not put it on the outside, it is best to have air-conditioned garage, the monthly maintenance to do a few more times.
3, in the assertion often do not have to dump truck when the car hit the butter, especially the hydraulic cylinder to ground to play. In this case,
4, if the pull ore like cars that you put inside the car with 10 kilograms of steel per cell look. This can maintain your car is not smashed deformation.
5, the car a little trouble to deal with as soon as possible.
Second, the Dongfeng dump truck new car view
1, check the oil in the hydraulic fuel tank is not enough, otherwise the need to add the required fuel oil mark rules. At the same time view the manual operation of the valve, the gas is not a leak, the hydraulic system of the oil is not a leak.
2, in the no-load condition, according to the dumping of tissue lifting operation procedures for lifting experiments.
3, in the lift process, pay attention to view the hydraulic cylinder, gear pump, valve and other parts of the operation is not normal, such as when the hydraulic lift has stuck, moving. Bounce and abnormal sound and so on.
4, after 8-10 times no-load lift test, that the normal operation, in the absence of oil leakage, gas conditions can be regarded as excellent dumping performance.
Third, the new car clever maintenance, fuel oil tips
First refueling must be added to the "jump gun" in a new car in the future, the first refueling must be added to the "jump gun", once the oil gun "jump gun", do not add. This is to check the new car oil meter is not accurate. In addition to the first time, the refueling should not be filled to the economy of the vehicle, in addition to the first time, the future refueling do not have to fill the tank, usually added to 2/3. You know, the full weight of the tank and an adult is just right. Refueling moment the best choice in the morning refueling time best in the morning, especially the hot summer days, to prevent a lot of gas tank, resulting in less fuel. When the oil table prompt light should immediately refuel, or because the fuel tank diesel too little for the diesel pump cooling caused by burning and burning.