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Dongfeng launching Duolika Q25 Across China

2017-04-11 16:45:41
On April 8, 2017, Dongfeng Duolika Q25 with Quanchai engine is officially launched in Yiwu city in central Zhejiang province, Shijiazhuang of Hebei province and Xuzhou of Jiangsu province, making its public appearance in succession across China.
Duolika Q25 is available in two versions: D5 and D6, with the cargo box varying in length from 3500mm to 4200mm. It can provide either 88hp or 115hp of horsepower. It is worth noting that Q25 an industry first with 5m pneumatic brake + air-cut brake and the only one with 6m wide body + 490 power.

The 5-M Model can give a maximum power of 88hp, torque of 240N.m, offering much greater performance than that of its same kind; 6m-model can deliver a maximum power of 115hp, torque of 320N.m. All models can provide maximum hp and torque when running between 1200 and 2600 rev after having Dongfeng’s unique integrated design. The top speed for all models is over 120km/h, optimizing their performance in power and speed. 

In terms of security, Q25 has outstanding performance. It is equipped with ABS, oil brake or pneumatic brake, air-cut brake. It brakes well when you are running fast. Q25 also has the most complete industry bulletin and a wide range of adaptation. It has cargo truck suitable for closed transportation, fence truck suitable for vegetable and fruit transportation, refrigerator truck suitable for fresh and thermal isolated product transportation, and the trucks for livestock and poultry transportation, etc. No matter it is in city or countryside, Q25 can meet the different case.