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Whether the crane shock absorber work is good test method

2017-04-10 09:49:23
The shock absorber is a consumable part in the process of using the crane. The shock absorber works well and will directly affect the smoothness of the crane and the life of the other parts. Therefore, we should make the shock absorbers often in good Working state. The following methods can be used to check the shock absorber work is good.
1. Make the vehicle hanging in the poor road conditions on the road after 10km parking, hand touch shock absorber shell, if not hot, indicating no resistance within the shock absorber, shock absorber does not work. At this point, you can add the appropriate lubricants, and then test, if the shell heat, the shock absorber internal lack of oil, should add enough oil; otherwise, that shock absorber failure.
2. Press the bumper, and then release, if the car crane has 2 to 3 jump, then the shock absorber works well.
3. When the car crane slow driving and emergency braking, if the car crane vibration is more intense, indicating a shock absorber problems.
4. Remove the shock absorber to its upright, and the lower end of the connection ring clamp on the vise, forced to pull the vibration pole several times, this time there should be a stable resistance, pull up (recovery) resistance should be greater than the If the resistance is unstable or no resistance, the shock absorber may be damaged or the parts of the valve may be damaged or replaced.