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Miou is located in Shiyan, Hubei province, thebiggest automobile manufacturing base of China. Our company isspecializing in R & D, manufacture and sal...
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Dongfeng N300 130 hp 4.09 M taxi a fridge van truckDongfeng N300 130 hp 4.09 M taxi a fridge van truckDongfeng N300 130 hp 4.09 M taxi a fridge van truckDongfeng N300 130 hp 4.09 M taxi a fridge van truckDongfeng N300 130 hp 4.09 M taxi a fridge van truck

Dongfeng N300 130 hp 4.09 M taxi a fridge van truck

  • 1. brand products: dongfeng
  • 2. model: EQ5040XLC9BDDAC
  • 3. Featured truck cargo: Refrigerator
  • 4. The Euro 5 emissions standard:
  • 5. drive type: 4 * 2
  • 6. wheelbase: 3350 mm
  • 7. the cargo Box: 4.09 x 1. 91 x 1.81 M

G.V. W: 4.495 Tan
Displacement: 2.953 L
Spring: 6/5 + 5
Tire specification: 7.00 R16
Front/rates track wheels:1598/1458 mm

Engine  ZD30D13-be
The number of cylinder 4 pieces
Max output power 96kW
Max horsepower 130hp
Shift 2.953 L
Delivery ZF5S 500V
The number of gear 5 gear 
The chassis model EQ1040SJ9BDD
Axle Front Description 1830kg
Rear axle Description 2665kg
Spring leaf number 6/5 + 5
The number of tires 6 units
Tire size 7.00 R16
Front/rates track wheels 1598/1458mm
Wheelbase  3350mm
Ofer Model 4 X 2
Body size 5.99 x 2.915 x low of 2.04 M
Before suspension/suspension 1053/1587M
Load classification 1.495 T
vehicle weight 4.495 T
Top speed 105km/h
Vehicle mondel EQ5040XLC9BDDAC
cargo box the size of the 4.09 x RM1.91 x 1.81 M

Brief Introduction:

 Miou province Shiyan, Hubei, China. Our company specialized in R & D, manufacture and sale of special purpose vehicle. We are a special purpose vehicle company's standard production Dongfeng Motor Group and Chinese also overseas Department of Dongfeng Zhengmeng Special Vehicle co., Ltd.

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Factory view

Packing: naked, covered with candles, small type may be included in the 20 ' or 40 ' GP, GP large can type carried by ships or bulk cargo ship ro-ro or according to need

Date of delivery: 15 days

Q: what about warranty?

A: a year


Q: do you have ISO?

A: Yes, we have, pls feel free to contact us to get our Certification.


Q: what about the delivery time?

A: most of our trucks are all available in stock, we can delivery to you within 15 Today, if Special ordered, we always require about 30 days to production.


Q: what about delivery?

A: large size truck always delivery by ship RO or bulk or flat bed container or container open top, small type could be shipping by container, Pls contact us for a delivery quote.


Q: how many trucks are not factory you produce each year?

A: almost 3000 Units


Q: How do you control the quality of the product?

A: we are standard production factory workship, getting ISO certification CCC BV, our employees are trained. Our products are very under also reviewed the process of inspection.


Q: what about your product after sales service system?

A: major export countries we have received after sales service, several countries used in the Service Department of the third.


Q: do you accept orders Custom? What has been is order MOQ?

A: Yes, we do, our MOQ is 1 set.


Q: what are the payment terms?

A: by T/T or L/C at a glance.


Q: which countries have you exported to?

A: Our special truck can be found in many parts of the world, such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, India, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Angola and others, and getting a good reputation from the local market.

We provide the service you really, & Lt;If you have interest, contact us now!


    The above information is only for your reference. We may issue trucks such as your request and we can meet all your needs.

    If you have any other information or require any other information, please feel free to contact me. It will be I am pleased for you. Pls check my information as follows:

Hubei Miou Special Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd

Tel:+86 18154490468

Contact Person:Caitlin


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